Green light for our solar energy project in Savitaipale

Korkia and Solmar Consulting have been preparing the Savitaipale solar energy project since autumn 2022. Now the project has been approved by the local municipal board and council.

Case study21.6.2023

Korkia’s and project developer Solmar Consulting’s solar energy project was approved by the Savitaipale municipal council on 19.6.2023. A solar power project of approximately 65 MW is planned for the Petynmäki and Selkäkangas areas in Savitaipale, with an estimated annual production of approximately 65,000 MWh. The amount corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of approximately 3200 detached houses. The project is also significant for the municipality.

Korkia and Solmar Consulting have been preparing the Savitaipale solar energy project since autumn 2022 together with landowners, the municipality and the Mänty-Saimaa Forest Management Association. Now the project has been approved in Savitaipale by both the municipal board and council.

“The project will continue this summer, as the studies required for permitting, such as nature, stormwater and soil surveys, will be carried out in the area. After this, the permit process will begin,” says Matti Manner, Director of Joint Venture Management in Finland.

The completion date of the solar park will be specified as the project progresses, and it is hoped that the project will also attract new business activities to the municipality.

“The aim of the project is also to bring new opportunities and livelihoods to the area, such as additional investments and new business. Typically, businesses seek proximity to renewable energy,” says Lauri Solin, who is responsible for Solmar’s project development.

The municipality of Savitaipale is satisfied with the new renewable energy project:

“From the municipality’s point of view, this is a very positive green transition project. This will support the municipality’s transition to green electricity production and energy self-sufficiency,” says Johanna Mäkelä, Mayor of Savitaipale.

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Director, Joint Venture Management, Korkia
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Lauri Solin
Project developer, Solmar Consulting
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