Powering tomorrow

Accelerator of the energy transition – we are the preferred partner for asset developers, owners and investors, throughout the value chain


Over 125 renewable energy projects in active development in Europe, North America and South America.

18,5 GW

13,8 gigawatts of solar and wind generation and 4,7 gigawatts of storage (BESS) under development.


Own team of 50 and 75 local professionals working for our development companies.

Why invest with us?

We invest in the development of utility-scale ground mount photovoltaic solar, onshore wind and energy storage globally.

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Our Portfolio

Our portfolio includes over 18 GW and 125 renewable energy projects under development.

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How we operate?

We focus on the most impactful phase of renewable energy production – project development.

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Open for investment

Korkia Renewables & Energy Infrastructure LP fund, which invests in renewable energy project development, combines returns and impact.

Make a positive impact – not forgetting the return

Korkia Renewables & Energy Infrastructure LP’s investment strategy focuses on financing the project development phase of wind and solar power. The shorter time span of investments in the project development phase allows a faster capital turnover than in the construction and operation phases. This enables an attractive return on investment.

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We believe in a better tomorrow – but making it a reality requires action

Driving the sustainable development of our society is at the core of everything we do. For us, this means, above all, accelerating the energy transition. Our mission is to produce clean megawatts to the market to ensure that future generations have an economically prosperous and sustainable world to live in. We believe in a better tomorrow – but making it a reality requires concrete actions.

You can read about the actions we took in 2023 towards accomplishing our vision in our Annual Review and Sustainability 2023 report.

Annual Review and Sustainability 2023

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