“We are shaping the future landscape of the energy industry”

Meet Arianna Tejpar, Investment Analyst who joined Korkia when the company acquired the renewable energy business of RSF Capital Partners.


Arianna Tejpar joined the company last year when Korkia acquired the renewable energy business of RSF Capital Partners. She works as an Investment analyst, specializing in financial modelling, market research and JV management. Arianna holds an MEng in Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Nottingham and an MSc in Business with Accounting and Finance from Warwick Business School. 

Get to know Arianna better in the Q&A with her:

Q: If you had to describe your expertise in 2-3 words, what words would you give and why?

Versatile, Analytical and Creative

My “versatility” is a product of my engineering background. Coupled with the fact that I grew up in Kenya, this highlights my ability to adapt and excel in diverse environments, leveraging a wide range of skills and experiences that have allowed me to add value at my current role in Korkia. 

Growing up in Kenya has instilled in me a unique perspective and a deep appreciation for cultural diversity. As a passionate deep-sea diver, I thrive in challenging environments and excel at finding innovative solutions to complex problems. Through developing my skills as a diver, I have learned the importance of attention to detail and quick decision making. These experiences have honed my ability to “analyse” situations from multiple angles.

I endeavour to think outside the box and develop novel solutions to various challenges, which starts by being curious and asking the right questions to understand the situation. This allows me to bring a “creative” approach to the projects I support at Korkia. 

Q: What kind of energy do you bring to the team and the work community?

When considering the energy I bring to both the team and the work community, I would describe it as dynamic and positive. I strive to foster an environment where collaboration flourishes, and endeavour to motivate my colleagues to contribute their best. I prioritise open communication, respect, and inclusivity, ensuring that everyone feels valued and heard within the team and broader work community. Overall, my energy is one of encouragement, creativity, and a genuine commitment to collective success.

Being part of a team that tackles one of the most complex problems that society faces today is something that I am passionate about. It is inspiring to be able to contribute to shaping the future landscape of this industry. 

Q: Name a book that left a lasting impression on you:

“Getting to Yes: The Art of Negotiation” by Roger Fisher, William Ury, and Bruce Patton.  

This book fundamentally changed the way I approach negotiations, both in professional and personal settings.

What struck me most about “Getting to Yes” is its emphasis on principled negotiation, where the focus is not on winning at all costs but on finding mutually beneficial solutions that satisfy all parties involved. The authors present a framework for negotiating that emphasizes separating people from the problem, focusing on interests rather than positions and generating options for mutual gain. The book’s emphasis on collaborative problem-solving skills reiterates the importance of active listening, empathy, and creative thinking in finding solutions that satisfy all parties involved.