Energy from the Sun coalition is ready to invest 10 billion euros in Finland’s solar power development

The purpose of the coalition is to promote the development of industrial solar power in Finland and increase fact-based knowledge of the sector.

BlogMartti Malmivirta​29.6.2023

Together with other developers of industrial solar power operating in Finland, Korkia has formed a coalition to promote the development of industrial solar power in Finland. Its purpose is to increase fact-based knowledge of the sector and highlight bottlenecks and opportunities related to solar power development.

The need to create a coalition was obvious because, despite the interest and success of renewable energy, very little has been said about solar power in Finland. In interviews with politicians and civil servants, wind energy was constantly and deservedly brought up, but opportunities related to the sun were not brought up. At the same time, numerous industrial solar power (solar parks larger than 30 hectares) projects are starting up, and their implementation requires a good understanding of the nature and requirements of projects of this scale from various authorities and cooperation parties. The coalition was formed to fill these gaps.

The companies involved in the coalition are willing to develop Finland’s solar energy sector and are ready to invest a total of more than 10 billion euros in new solar energy in Finland over the next few years. Solar power projects bring economic activity and vitality to their regions. They bring land rental income to the area’s landowners and real estate tax income to the municipalities and their residents. Solar power reduces the carbon footprint of municipalities and increases Finland’s energy self-sufficiency.

During the winter and spring, the coalition has met with several authorities, interest organizations, politicians and other stakeholders. Without exception, solar power has been viewed very positively in these meetings and we have been able to move forward with several issues that are central to the industry. Many authorities and stakeholders have had various projects related to the development of industrial solar power – operational models, calculation models, official procedures – to which we have been able to bring fact-based information about the field and offer ourselves as conversation partners in further work.

Already in the early days of its activity, the coalition has shown the possibilities of cooperation in promoting issues important to the solar energy industry and Finland. From this it is good to continue building Finland into a clean energy superpower with the support of the new government.

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